Do you have a “brown thumb” but wish you could keep a few plants around your house? It can be done! Many attractive houseplants require very little attention. Here is a list of beautiful, low-maintenance plants that anyone can grow with ease.

Aloe Vera

This pretty succulent likes lots of sun. It’s compact enough to fit nicely on a windowsill, although some larger varieties of aloes can grow up to about three feet high and three feet wide. Aloes prefer dry soil, so if you are forgetful about watering your plants, this is a great choice for you. It’s best to allow the soil to dry out between each watering completely, so you only have to water it every two or three weeks. In fact, just about the only way to kill an aloe is to over-water it. The aloe isn’t just pretty – its leaves also contain a soothing gel that is great first aid for minor cuts and burns.

The Snake Plant, or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

This is another plant that thrives on neglect and grows well in a wide variety of conditions. This succulent has striking variegated leaves that grow straight up, and their rather sharp edges give the plant its colorful name. It can grow up to 48 inches high and 36 inches wide, so it should stay on the floor. This plant prefers slightly dry soil and doesn’t require lots of light.

The Cast-Iron Plant

This extremely hardy plant is nearly indestructible. Gardeners with even the brownest of thumbs will have a hard time killing it. This slow-growing plant with large wide leaves will survive in nearly any temperature range, and its drought-tolerant nature allows for long periods of neglect. It prefers low light and will do well in any dark corner of your home.


This lovely little plant has been popular with indoor gardeners since the Victorian era. Its heart-shaped leaves may be plain green or variegated, and it thrives in almost any level of light. This plant grows quickly and does well growing up a trellis or trailing over the edges of a hanging basket. When it gets too long, you can snip off a section of the stem and easily start a new plant just by sticking the cut end of the stem in water.

Spider Plant

This plant has long slender green leaves with a white stripe down the center. It does well in a pot or hanging basket, and it’s extremely easy to start new plants from the “pups” that sprout from the ends of its leaves. It prefers medium to bright light and will do well if placed near a window.

Jade Plant

Another succulent, the jade plant is very slow growing but will live for many years. This plant has such thick leaves and stems that it looks like a small tree, and is a popular choice in bonsai gardens.

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